Welcome to Belarus!

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Belarus is a country in the very heart of Europe! And if you haven’t been here yet, then you are welcome!We are looking forward to see everyone who have devoted his heart to speed skating!

If you go through the entire border of the state, you will count 2969 km. Andthe territory of our wonderful country is 207.6 thousand sq. km.

Belarus borders with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. The capital city is Minsk.

Belarus is called a blue-eyed country. That is because numerous lakes and rivers cover quite most of the territory. Thus, for example, the total length of almost 21 thousand rivers is 90.6 thousand km and that is not to mention more than 10 thousand lakes.

Belarusian climate is moderately continental influenced by Atlantic air masses. The hottest month in Belarus is July, the coldest — January. Therefore in case you pack your luggage, you should be sure to bring warm clothes whatever time of the year you travel here. And moreover the weather in Belarus is very changeable.

Local time is+3 hours from Greenwich mean time (GMT+3). When it is noon in Minsk, it is 10am in Paris and 09:00 in London. And in New York it is quite early, 4:00, while in Los Angeles — 1 pm and noon in Moscow.

The Belarusian rubble (BYN) is the official currency of Belarus.

The state languages are Belarusian and Russian. In the UNESCO classification, the melody of the Belarusian language takes the second place in melody, giving the first place only to the Italian language.

Belarus country code is +375.

The domain name is BY.