Spectacular and dangerous

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17 lady athletes from 5 countries took part in team sprint.

The Russian team with the result of 1:33.33 got the gold medal. The team consists of Uliana Kudlenko, Elena Samkova, Elena Eranina.

«This is the first day, the first distance for us, so we are in euphoria. It was a little bit  unexpected to take the first place, but, of course, it is very pleasant», — the Russians shared their emotions after the victory.

Poland with the result of 1:33.35 was the second. Team members were: Aleksandra Kapruziak, Kaja Ziomek, Andzelika Wojcik.

The Netherlands team with the result of 1:34.98 was ranked the third. The sprint was attended by Nienke Kleinsman, Myron Koops, Lina Miedema, Paulien Verhaar.

«Athletes’ task is to get the maximum speed from the very first meters. The race is very dangerous and spectacular. There are many falls and disqualifications due to the fact that the athletes are moving at high speed», — said the head trainer of the national team Sergei Minin.