Unexpected victory 

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18 lady athletes from 5 countries took part in team pursuit.

The winner of the race with the result 3:17.48 was the Netherlands team.  The team consisted of Lilian Temmink, Paulien Verhaar, Anne Ruyssenaars. 
«It was amazing. We are so happy. To tell the truth we didn’t expect to take the first place. We thought the Russian team or the Poland team would win», — said Lilian Temmink and Paulien Verhaar. Anne Ruyssenaars shared her opinion on the quality of the ice of the university championship: «I like Minsk-Arena, it is quite cool here, and that is very good for the ice platform».

The Russian team (Elena Samkova, Elena Eranina, Anastasia Zdravkova) took the second place with the result 3:18.72.

«We really wanted to win; we knew we could do it. We lost a little to the Dutch team, but we are pleased with a good result», – commented the Russian athletes.

The Chinese team was the third (3:24.23). Participants of the race were Jie Yang, Xingchen Meng, Jingyao Lyu.