To increase our medal collection

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Before opening the championship the chief trainer of the national team Sergey Minin told how cheerfully he waits for the starts.

– The ISU Speed Skating World Cup ended a few days ago. Our leading sportsmen showed good results and therefore they motivated young athletes. We should fight at our home stadium! And we have plenty of energy, in perfect physical form, and each skater is ready for the competitons.

The level of the speed skating tournaments is getting higher. This time the Championship gathered here stong speedskaters and they are really in position to win medals. For example, the Japanese athlete, who took part in the World Cup, is recognized as the best sprinter on the planet.

This is a significant step for young athletes to not to lose their skills and faith. Marina Zueva is an outstanding example. She won three silver medals at the 3d World University Speed Skating Championship in Almaty (Kazakhstan). We must support this success story and increase our medal collection.