Japan and Poland are again on the podium

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The first awarding ceremony causes the feeling of deja vu among fans: Japan and Poland are on the podium again. Winner of the race in 1000 m among ladies became the Japanese speed skater Rio Yamada – 1:18.62. The second place was also taken by the athlete from Japan – Miku Asano. Her time is  1:19.25. And the bronze medal went to the Polish athlete Andzelika Wojcik – 1:20.40.

These medals are not the first ones for these athletes during the championship. In 500 m Miku Asano and Rio Yamada have already won the gold and silver respectively, while Andzelika Wojcik have added to the Polish medal collection a silver medal in team sprint.

«I’m not fully satisfied with my result, – admits the athlete from Japan Rio Yamada. – It’s not my best time. I was nervous during the race, maybe, this factor affected the result. I will try my best in coping with worries next season».

Good performance was shown by the Belarusian athletes Anastasia Hanchuk and Aliona Balotsina. Mariya Krotova and Yauheniya Varabyova improved their personal records in distance 1000 m again and took the 9th and the 10th ranks with the results 1:22.96 and 1:23.34 respectively.