Experience solves everything

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11 athletes from 6 countries took part in 10000 m men.

The Italian athlete got the victory. Davide Ghiotto took the first place with the result of 13:16.69.

«I’m really happy. It wasn’t so easy, it was quite a long distance. Guys from the other teams are good athletes, but as I’m a little older and therefore more experienced», – Davide Ghiotto shares his impressions about the championship.

The silver medal was given to the teammate of Davide, Michele Malfatti who finished with the result of 13:36.12.

Belarusian representative Aliaksei Kirpichnik finished the third (13:57.95).

«I knew that I would cope with this distance successfully, – confidently states the speed skater Aliaksei Kirpichnik. – I trained very long for this championship and I was convinced that I would get the medal. I didn’t manage to succeed in 5000 m, as Dmitry Morozov was faster than me. And today we just swept our positions. And actually the fans did a good job. They made me concentrate when I felt as if I was loosing somehow the control over the situation».