A start has been made

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The leader of the first race in 3000m among women became athlete from Poland Magdalena Czysczon – 4:21.11. Athlete of traditionally strong team from the Netherlands Paulien Verhaar took the second place – 4:22.53. And finally the Russian sppedskater Elena Eranina became the third.

« I am so happy to be part of the championship, – said Magdalena Czysczon. – This championship is organized at the highest level.  Let’s see what happens next, because this is just the beginning. Belarus is famous for its hospitality and cordiality, so I would like to come back here once again».

Anna Kovalenko represented Belarus. This is first year for Anna to participate in the competition as a junior.

The head trainer of the national team of Belarus Sergei Minin said that Kovaleva has been training with the national team only for two weeks.

«She is one of the few athletes, who tends to prove herself in long distances, – Minin said. We don’t have a lot of women in long distance of 3000 m.»

This year Kovaleva set a national record among juniors, which was held during the last 20 years.  Her result in this race – 4: 39.49, and she took the 9th place. This is Anna’s a personal record that she set on ice of Minsk-Arena complex.